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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How Are Laws Made?

From the steps of the United States Capitol Building Jayden explains how a bill becomes an act and then a law along with some of the obstacles that can trip up the process. As part of the explanation Jayden borrows the song "I'm Just a Bill up on Capitol Hill from Disney's Schoolhouse Rock. 

Most bills start as an idea that someone shares with their congress person.  The congress person introduces the bill to congress for consideration and debate.  If the bill is voted on favorably in the House and the Senate sides of Congress the bill becomes an Act of Congress and goes to the White House for signature.  If the president signs the Act it becomes law.  If the president gives the Act a veto it usually dies.  In some cases Congress will vote again and can pass a vetoed act into law with a two-thirds favorable majority.   Law can be challenged in the court systems of which the Supreme Court is the highest authority.


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