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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

July 17, 2019 Splash Park

Today  was very fun. We went to a splash park. It had a curvy red bench.We slid and climbed on the long bench. A lot of the time the water was low but sometimes it would shoot up very high. I didn't know so I looked over a jet when it was low and it shot straight up super high in my face! we had a lot of fun. we ate some snacks while we walked to a different splash park. At that splash park there were fountains with a red light so it looks like the fountain water was red. There was also a shallow pool Harmony and I did not know it was shallow because the ground beneath the pool was black. dad told us it was a wading pool.  There was also a very cool waterfall at the splash park it flowed into the pool. We got on these white circles. They had Springs underneath so we bounced on them. then we crawled around in the water. It started raining very hard. It was fun! I hope we do it again sometime (without rain).

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