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Monday, July 29, 2019

July 29 - NYC Day 3 Statue of Liberty

Today we went to downtown New York. We got on a boat and rode it to Liberty Island where we saw the Statue of Liberty. We got off and went in the museum. We got junior ranger badges. Then we got smoothies. Then we got back on the boat and rode it to Ellis Island. we stayed on the boat there. we rode it back to New York city. We got sketches of ourselves. Harm was the Statue of Liberty but she was holding an ice cream cone instead of a torch. Jay was Marilyn Monroe over a subway vent. Then we walked to the mega bus stop and started the long journey home.  I'm glad we had fun in New York but it made us appreciate D.C. where the crowds are smaller and the streets are cleaner.  Only Harmony would like to go back to NYC some day.

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