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Writer's Brick Contest

Writer's Brick Contest

Want to motivate kids so they are excited about writing? Writer's brick gives you a piece of a short story and rewards students for completing the the story.

What is Writer's Brick?
Each month you can build on a writing prompt published by Fun with Jay and Harm.  The writing prompt may include a small piece of the story, describe key characters, or list other criteria that your story must include.

Connect with Writer's Brick
The best way to be notified when a new competition opens is to follow us on social media.  We are most active on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter.  Your fully assembled story must be received before the deadline to be considered in the competition.

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Your story for this month's competition must describe at least two characters that Harold the Hot Dog Man meets during a day of selling hot dogs at the park.

  • Once upon a time there was an adorable princess named Mandy.  She loved berries.  One day she went into the forrest alone to pick berries.  She was enjoying herself so much that she didn’t even notice it getting dark.  Soon it was dark and no matter how hard she tried, Princess Mandy could not find her way home.  

There are multiple ways you can win prizes by participating in this competition.
  1. Animation: At least one winning story will be animated and posted on YouTube.  For April 2018 we will select the most descriptive and funny story(s) to animate. (Available to Participants Worldwide.)
  2. Student Participant Drawing: Participants in the contest who reside in the USA will be entered into a random drawing to win a prize. Contestants receive 5 bonus entries in the drawing if a parent posts their story on social media and tags one of the Fun with Jay And Harm social media accounts listed above. The April 2018 random drawing prize is:
  3. Teachers and Parents Drawing: To thank you for the work you do and for sharing our competition with your students, you can be entered into a monthly drawing.  The March 2018 prize will be a $5 Starbucks gift card. (USA Only)
Contestants must have a parent's permission to participate or must submit stories through their teacher.  Prizes that require shipping are only available to residents of the United States.   Official rules are posted here.

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  • All students in grades kindergarten through 8th Grade are eligible to participate.
  • All submissions must use age appropriate grammar and spelling.
  • The story length should also be an age appropriate length using a minimum of 20 words and a maximum of 400 words.
  • Your story must not include death, profanity, or other content inappropriate for a young audience.
  • Students must have the permission of a parent or teacher before submission.

Student Entries: To enter, send the completed story to Fun with Jay and Harm.  The entry may be written on the optional worksheet or may be typed in a message.  Submissions should be made using one of these methods:

If you'd like to see Writer's Brick stay around then it will need to grow. Please share this contest with others. You could share this page on Social Media, on a bulletin board, or in an email. Once you've shared the contest let us know so you can be entered for the Starbucks gift card giveaway. Our email is

Here are some examples of LEGO animation that we have done in the past. Your story could be animated if you win this monthly competition.